L-Clip 100

L-Clip 200

L-Clip 300

Machine Overview

Machine Specifications

The L-Clip applicator securely applies various widths of many types of packaging tape. The L-Clip was designed with the operator in mind and is perfect for sealing all types of boxes and cartons. The operator places the product to be sealed onto the table top and pushes the box forward against the activation plates. This activates the machine and the desired length of tape is secured onto the leading edge of the box - both side and bottom.

Sealer Type

L-Clip tape application

Machinery Makeup

Extruded Aluminum Framework and high grade industrial components

Machine Height

Table on stand 31" - 36" (Cover adds 4")

Work Station Size

21" wide x 27" long


Tape Styles

Filament, BOPP, Flat Back, PVC

Tape Sizes

L-Clip 100 Tape widths smaller than 2"

L-Clip 200 2" Tape

L-Clip 300 3" Tape

Air Requirements

90 PSI clean compressed air

Electrical Requirements

110 VAC, 50/60Hz, 1 Phase

Box Specifications

Minimum Box Size

1" x 3.25" x 1" (LxWxH)

Maximum Box Size

No maximum limit


Optional Accessories

Ball Table

Allows for easy movement of heavy boxes

Stainless Frame

For wet environments to prevent rust

In-Line Air Filter

For situations where clean air is not always available

Door Interlock and Guarding

To prevent inadvertent changes to machine operation

• Electric and pneumatic

• Heavy duty work-stand with adjustable height

• Handles boxes as narrow as 3-1/4” wide

• Compatible with many types of tape

• Standard 2-1/2” x 2-1/2” tape legs*

• Rear mounted casters

L-Clip 100

L-Clip 200

L-Clip 300

Proudly Made in America